How to Identify Uninstaller Information From Registry Keys


If you want a fast way to get information about the uninstallers that are listed in the registry, then check out this simple script to parse out some information for you.

$searchterm = read-host "Enter search term for uninstallers"
$uninstallers = get-childitem HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall
$founditems = $uninstallers | ? {(Get-ItemProperty -path ("HKLM:\"+$ -name Displayname -erroraction silentlycontinue) -match $searchterm}
write-host "Searched registry for uninstall information on $searchterm"
write-host "------------------------------------------"
if ($founditems -eq $null) {"None found"} else {
write-host "Found "($founditems | measure-object).count" item(s):`n"
$founditems | % {
Write-host "Displayname: "$_.getvalue("Displayname")
Write-host "Displayversion: "$_.getvalue("Displayversion")
Write-host "InstallDate: "$_.getvalue("InstallDate")
Write-host "InstallSource: "$_.getvalue("InstallSource")
Write-host "UninstallString: "$_.getvalue("UninstallString")
Write-host "`n"

This little baby asks you for a search term, then grabs the pertinent software uninstall information out of the HKey Local Machine registry hive.


It’s simple and effective,  and I put it together in just a couple of minutes.  It could stand to have some polish on it, but it does the job and it does it like now!

Would you improve it?  How?  Comments are open.

Drop this code into your ISE or a .ps1 file and run it.

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Usage is simple:  Enter a search term when prompted to get the software display name, version, when installed, the installation source, and the uninstall string.