Holy Profile Trick! Add a Daily Bible Verse to Your PowerShell Console

Excellent profile customization.  I use this one myself, and honestly it’s my favorite one.  Keeps my head in the right place.

This PowerShell profile customization is simple and sweet:  Go grab a webpage source; parse the lines to get to the juice; display a daily bible verse on my PowerShell console.

Step 1:  Create your PowerShell profile.

Step 2:  Add this code to your PowerShell profile.

# Add a daily bible verse
$web = new-object system.net.webclient
($web.DownloadString("http://www.christnotes.org/dbv.php").split("<")|? {$_ -match "dbv-reference"}).split(">")[1]
($web.DownloadString("http://www.christnotes.org/dbv.php").split("<")|? {$_ –match "dbv-content"}).split(">")[1].replace("&quot;","`"").replace("&#039","’")

I’ve done the webpage parsing before.  It really does work, but there’s a caveat:  The webpage source can change. 

If, for example the source webpage changes their <DIV> names to be something other than “dbv-reference” and “dbv-content” I would have refigure how to parse the page for the content I want.

God bless!