Moved to America, New Job Started

Okay, technically speaking Alaska is in America, so I was already “in America” – but there was no Jack in the Box or Arby’s in Fairbanks – so does it really count?

My PowerShell skills helped me get my new job, and I’m happy to say that it’s in a place that’s much easier to live in than Fairbanks.  My new job is with UC Santa Barbara.  It’s warm and sunny here a lot.

I’m also happy that in my new role as Senior System Engineer, I’ll be focusing on some Microsoft Implementations.  First up, I’ll be getting Forefront Identity Manager 2010 moved from development to production (by way of test) and then getting SharePoint off the ground.  Both of which will include plenty of scripting with PowerShell.

I wonder what they’ll have me do in the second week?

Seriously, it’s a great job in a great location.  I couldn’t be happier – and I owe it all to God and to PowerShell (but I did a little to help, too.)