My PowerShell Story

My name is Michael Simmons, and I do love PowerShell.  During a Windows Vista training session in Spring of 2007, I was looking around Microsoft’s downloads page, and there it was.  At the time, all I knew about it was that it had “power” in the name, and it was used for administration.  That was good enough for a download, at least.

My job at the time was desktop administrator, so this seemed like a perfect new technology for me.   Soon I became known around our desktop support department as “the PowerShell expert”.  Unfortunately, my budding love affair with my new scripting language and shell was not enough to encourage my coworkers to share my enthusiasm.

As I kept learning more about what PowerShell was capable of and developing my scripting skills, I realized that not only was PowerShell capable of doing so much, but by using PowerShell I was capable of doing so much more!

Before too long I went from my department’s “powershell expert” to their “scripting genius”  – Though really it’s less of me being a genius and more of nobody else doing it.  Why didn’t my coworkers get excited about PowerShell like me?  I cant think of any reason not to script, and I can’t think of a good reason not to update your skills if you’re writing .BAT files.

My intention with I Love PowerShell is to be a helpful place to learn Powershell from an admin/tech support perspective.

I’m not a developer by trade, and while PowerShell was my gateway to the .NET framework and object-oriented programming n C#, I’m far from an experienced dev.  I’m driven to do the most work with the fewest lines of code, and now – to help you do the same.

Michael Simmons