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Do you have an idea for a PowerShell blog post? Or have you solved a problem with PowerShell and want to share what you’ve learned with the iLovePowerShell community?

Submit your new blog post here. After a review process (and some editing, if it needs it) we will (probably) post it here where it can help to serve a greater good than just being in your own brain!

So thanks for sharing, and check back soon to see that the post is published.


  • Use original content. Don’t copy and paste it from anywhere else – nobody needs that.
  • Reference somebody else’s work, if it played a part in your research or concept.


  • If you have a website or blog of your own that you’d like referenced, then a link to it can be appropriate. But don’t be crazy about it – this should be about getting great PowerShell content to our readers, not about spamming our readers with a bunch of links to your own site.